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Jennifer Broome: Hunting Dogs

11:00am - 12:15pm on Apr 30, 2017, Sunday|Room B311|View Details|Add To Calendar

Jennifer Broome: Hunting Dogs

Learn about the processes of field dog training.  Starting with choosing the best breed, breeder and individual puppy and follow along through the early training stages in the first few months.  Jennifer Broome, owner of Quinebaug Kennels and 20+ year dog professional, will explain how to best bring out your pup’s inner predator and combine fun work with structured foundation obedience to create a stylish, confident and superior hunting companion as well as a wonderful family pet.  A great hunting dog does not have to live in a kennel, and a family pet can equally be a great hunting dog!

About Jennifer Broome

Quinebaug Kennels, LLC was founded by Jennifer Broome in 2001. Her experience extends from years of training and teaching. She is a highly professional, published author and expert in raising and training dogs. Jennifer began her dog-training career as a child. Her love of animals encouraged her to begin a dog-walking and pet-sitting service in her neighborhood. She quickly became an entrusted employee to many families that sought after her loving care and dedication to their beloved pets. Jennifer's love of the outdoors in general prompted her to venture to New England to pursue the study of Wildlife Biology and Management at the University of Rhode Island. Graduating in 1995, Jennifer worked for both state and federal agencies as a biologist. She never strayed far from her passion of dogs. In addition to her biology work, Jennifer began breeding and training her own labs in the field. Her work was recognized by other dog owners who desired their own animals to behave obediently. They began to seek Jennifer's help. Realizing her love and devotion to the canine world, she began training dogs for clients in her spare time. Her name and reputation began to spread and she soon opened South Shore Kennels in Southern Rhode Island. As the training consumed all her free time, Jennifer realized her potential to work for herself as a full-time dog trainer and caregiver. In 1997, she officially began to board, train, and offer private dog-training lessons. She continued to gain exposure as a talented dog-trainer and kennel-boarding facility. Not only does Jennifer work all breeds for basic, advanced and problem obedience, she specializes in training hunting dogs. Five years ago, Jennifer started to learn about hunt tests and field-trial competitions. This has been a valuable addition to Jennifer's resume and accomplishments. In 2009, Jennifer had the opportunity to attend Mike Lardy seminars for Basics and Transitions, Advanced and Advanced Handling as well as handle dogs in the clinics. Since then, she has spent three months each winter in Florida training amongst the best and most talented dog trainers in the country. Jennifer is currently campaigning her three Labrador retrievers in AKC field trials, and one Lab and her German Shorthair in AKC hunt tests. Jennifer also had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Master Nationals with her dog Valley. After many years of hard work to establish her kennel business, Jennifer now has the opportunity to travel more and attend dog competitions. As an avid outdoors woman and successful hunter, Jennifer simply loves spending time in the field with dogs. Clients travel from all over New England seeking Jennifer's advice as a prominent gun-dog trainer. Her other passions include her artwork, fishing, shooting and riding with her Arabian horses.

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