NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits
NRA Youth Day

The 3rd Annual NRA Youth Day was made possible by support of NRA Staff and also several sponsors that include, Brownells, Crosman, Sure Shot Game Calls, Tetra Gun, NRA Outdoors, Weatherby and Winchester Ammunition. NRA Youth Day consisted of several different events as well as a Sponsor’s Roundup. The event was open to all youth regardless if they were an NRA member or not. Free six month NRA Youth Memberships were made available to those who wanted to become an NRA member.

Youth Day was held in a hospitality room that consisted of different NRA Programs and interactive exhibits. Activities that were present were; Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) Wildlife Identification, InSights computers where youth could explore the different articles and features from the online magazine, 3 Gun Experience AirSoft, National High School Rodeo Association’s Rodeo Roping and Barrel Racing, Royal Rangers Pioneer Village, Dry Fire, Boy Scouts of America Knot Tying and Camping Setup, Karaoke, Eddie Eagle Coloring Tables, and videos on Duck Calling and the new Eddie Eagle video.

Over 400 Youth from all different walks of life and different ages filled the hospitality room with joy and excitement. The youth could also participate in a Sponsor’s Roundup that occurred in the exhibit hall. The youth were given a Sponsor’s Roundup Card which took them to the NRA Youth Day’s Sponsor’s booths. In each Sponsor’s booth was an NRA Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador that would sign off on the Sponsor’s Roundup Card. At the end of the Roundup, the participants received a raffle ticket that was submitted for a drawing of prizes. Prizes were donated from Brownells, Crosman, Sure Shot Game Calls, Tetra Gun, NRA Outdoors, Weatherby, Winchester, National High School Rodeo Association, and The Right Now Range.

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